Welcome to the Premier Concrete Equipment (PCE)!

We are proud to be part of the Allen Engineering Corporation, and we will continue to support you with the level of customer service you have been accustomed to when you think of the Allen name.

Our team is composed of experienced employees with over 50+ years of combined knowledge, specifically related to construction products for floors and pavements.

Owing to the relationship of PCE with Allen, we have been designated as the International Master Dealer for Allen Engineering Corporation in Australia and Southeast Asia. We are also excited to announce that we have been awarded the honour of being the exclusive dealer for Somero Enterprises' Laser Screed®. Somero is the number one producer of Laser Screed® in the world, and we look forward to continuing that legacy.

We are also the only company in this region that specializes in US-sourced placing and finishing equipment, and we know you will love these brands as much as we do.

We look forward to working with you and building this region together.

We are Advancing
in Concrete Floors and Pavements

Leading companies usually have several advantages, such as pricing power, brand recognition and a loyal customer base. It takes time to achieve a dominant position in an industry, and maintaining that leadership position is an ongoing effort. Small businesses should first aspire to lead their respective local markets before planning for worldwide industry domination.

Mr. Chris Keen

Managing Director of the company