• Authorized by FACE USA to implement the training of using Dipstick to measure the floor according to ACI and ASTM E1155 standards.
  • Authorized by ACI to conduct the ACI Flatwork Certification programs in Asia Pacific.
Premier Concrete Equipment (PCE) is equipped with the world-best equipment and certificates to conduct the floor measurement according to the below standards:
  • ACI (ASTM E1155) or F-Numbers (FF & FL)
  • ACI (Fmin floor) for VNAs
  • Free Movement according to TR34 (FM1, FM2, FM3 & FM4)
  • Defined Movement according to TR34 (DM1, DM2 & DM3)
  • DIN 18202 (Random Traffic)
  • DIN 15185 (Defined Traffic)
  • BS 8204 (SR1, SR2 & SR3)
PCE floor measurement package includes:
  • Checking floor layout and proposing the measuring method
  • Floor flatness & levelness inspection at the jobsite
  • Producing reports including data processing, analysis, conclusions and recommendations


FM Floor Measurement Video
DM Floor Measurement Video