By any measure, The Face® Companies are the recognized world leaders in concrete flatness/levelness:

  • The Face Dipstick® Profiler is used and specified in 66 countries;
  • Face invented modern flat floor technology, beginning more than 40 years ago;
  • Hundreds of thousands of Face concrete profile control educational and instructional publications have been distributed worldwide;
  • Face concrete profile control videos have been viewed in 206 nations and territories – a total of more than 110,000 times.

Now, Face – celebrating its 153rd year in the construction industry – is proud to offer the new Dipstick Model 2285 Profiler:

  • By far the most accurate and most specified concrete floor and pavement profiler in the world;
  • With at least three to ten times the 2017 advertised accuracy of its competitors;
  • The profiler that produces the most reliable, repeatable and dependable data in the world, as it has for 36 years;
  • Economical to buy and own – because it never needs recalibration – which saves many thousands of dollars over the life of the instrument;
  • The only instrument with a no-cost two-year out-of-the box warranty – that’s twice as long as its nearest competitor;
  • The only profiler that instantly produces reports, graphs, line surveys and 3D surface studies;
  • The only profiler that automatically measures Q-readings along construction joints and provides instant reports – right on the tablet at the job site;
  • The only profiler that measures Fmin (for defined traffic floors) at no extra charge;
  • The Fastest Way to the Right Answer™ – just as fast as any other floor profiler when they are used according to their instructions; and
  • The profiler that measures the most flatness/levelness indices, using the most extensive standard software package in the industry.

The Dipstick 2285

The Dipstick model 2285 is better than ever.

The 2285 has a brand new Samsung Galaxy Active2 tablet:

  • The new computer screen is much easier to read in the sun – easier to read than anything you’ve used before.
  • The screen is much larger, so the graph of each profile is larger and easier to analyze.
  • The Samsung tablet is made to military specifications, so it is shock-resistant, water-resistant and dust-resistant. The tablet has no keyboard. It’s been replaced by a virtual keyboard, so there is no worry about the keyboard getting wet from rain or perspiration.