Our latest addition to the Stationary Screed machine line is the Somero® SkyScreed® 36. This machine not only has 11 more feet of reach but it allows you to screed an additional 1,000 square feet per placement. With almost half the pick placements required compared to SkyScreed®25.

The two biggest factors differentiating the machines are:

  • It has a larger more powerful engine, a longer boom length with the same number of sections as the SkyScreed® 25.
  • And weighing only 1400 additional pounds. We’ve heard from general contractors that if a tower crane will pick 9,000 pounds it will typically be able to handle an additional 1400 in most cases.

As with all of our Laser Screed Machines, Labor Savings, Floor Quality and Increased Productivity are the key benefits you will get using the Somero® SkyScreed® 36 machine. To reach over your projects and save time and money on your next project, get a Somero SkyScreed® 36 machine.

The lower frame has three (3) stabilizers. The upper frame and screed head rotate 360°, this provides the flexibility to screed around columns and other protrusions. The auger-less screed head allows for screeding in any direction, while the powerful vibrator motor consolidates the concrete. The elevation is controlled by Somero’s OASIS laser control system. This Laser Screed® machine is powered by a 57 HP / 42.5 kW Kubota gasoline engine with electric start. The machine functions are controlled via wireless control.


  • WEIGHT: 4,717 kg
  • WIDTH: 2.76 m (transport mode)
  • LENGTH: 9.44 m (transport mode)
  • HEIGHT: 2.72 m (transport mode)
  • ENGINE (STANDARD): 57 HP Kubota (42.5 kW)
  • BOOM REACH: 10.97 m