3D Profiler System

The Somero® 3-D Profiler System® allows automatic, accurate, paving of contoured sites using Somero Laser Screed® equipment. It’s ideal for use on parking lots, loading docks and service areas. It’s also used to “overlay” deteriorated parking lots and streets being used to white top and repair roadways, runways, taxiways, and bridges. Thanks to this system, multi-slope projects are now completely practical and cost-effective to achieve indoors or outdoors due to its use of a robotic total station which offers greater utilization and improved accuracy.



Ever wish that you could have the simplicity of the Somero® 3-D Profiler System® for your motor grader? Now it’s possible with SiteShape®, which takes the same field-proven technology and adapts it to simplify your fine-grading applications.

This system allows for grade shaping automatically using your motor grader, dozer, or other grading machine to meet the demands of real three-dimensional grade shaping.


Floor Levelness System

Is your Grade Control System running at its best? Are you having issues with F numbers but don’t know where to start? Are you interested in becoming a more experienced operator?

We’re proud to announce the Somero Floor Levelness System®. It’s the first technology of its kind, the System monitors your Laser Screed® machine and operator performance, then reports alert percentages of issues. What does this mean? You can now receive instant feedback on the job if screed performance is decreasing.