The Somero® 3-D Profiler System® allows automatic, accurate, paving of contoured sites using Somero Laser Screed® equipment. It’s ideal for use on parking lots, loading docks and service areas. It’s also used to “overlay” deteriorated parking lots and streets being used to white top and repair roadways, runways, taxiways, and bridges. Thanks to this system, multi-slope projects are now completely practical and cost-effective to achieve indoors or outdoors due to its use of a robotic total station which offers greater utilization and improved accuracy.

Not only is the system easy to learn and use, it is compatible with Somero Laser Screed® machines from both our small and large product lines. The 3-D Profiler System comes complete with all necessary components to get you profitably paving right away.

The 3-D Profiler System is available in a desktop version with the features and benefits of the in-the-field solution, and the convenience and flexibility of creating your meshes prior to the pour, right from your desk.  Your CAD/BIM personnel will love this level of control and collaboration that can happen with a desktop version of the 3-D Profiler System.


  • Increased profitability
  • Automatic & accurate paving of contoured sites
  • Easy to learn & utilize
  • Trimble Business Center Integration
  • Compatible with several Somero® Laser Screed® model
  • Share with your motor grader, dozer, skid-steer or other grading machines